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Water for nature - restoration of streams and the environment
Water for nature is the leading company in Israel in the field of stream restoration and the environment, it is the first and the only one in Israel that knows how to purify stream water as part of a comprehensive environmental restoration of the stream and not just landscape restoration. The unique parks we are planning harmoniously combine tourism and commerce together with an ecological park   bustling with life for the benefit of flora and fauna

Water for nature - water plants
Water for Nature Water Works specializes in solving drainage problems in environmental engineering, supply of high-quality water for use for irrigation and introduction into the aquifer after purification for the enrichment of drinking water​​.
Our system saves thousands of shekels in the drainage and water bills of the municipalities does not consume these areas upgrades open areas and turns them into parks and urban nature bustling with life and all this in combination with educational and community projects

Water for nature - technologies
Water for Nature Technologies is engaged in the development of solutions to the problem of climate change, which on the one hand creates flood damage and on the other hand exacerbates the problem of water shortage in Israel and the world, we have developed a new and discounted water source, and systems of   biological filters to purify river water that flows at very high rates And the only one in the country that received government approval for its filters for purifying stream water
The technology we have developed is superior to competing technology such as desalination facilities and purification plants because it does not pollute the environment, consumes little energy, and creates a new and cheaper source of water

Water for nature - tourism and recreation

Initiation, financing, planning, establishment, operation and maintenance of tourist parks   of unique and attractive bodies of water

Thanks to our unique water purification technology, we create natural swimming lakes in ecological purification systems that create an experience of natural springs and pools in nature, and all this for the consumption of benign water all year round

Water for nature - education and community participation
As part of our contribution to the community, we run a non-profit activity that coordinates the educational activity and community participation in every rehabilitation project. As part of the company's vision "to return nature to man and man to nature" we share the whole community: children, students and adults in the entire restoration process, through experiential learning in schools, in laboratories   and in classrooms that are scattered in nature in the ecological parks that we create The community actively participates in the restoration process through the planning and execution of ecological niches, planting trees and vegetation adapted to the location

Water for nature - purification of water wells

The technology that is used today to purify water wells is that of small treatment facilities. These facilities require a lot of energy which harms the environment, and produce a concentrate whose disposal involves high costs and which limits the ability to purify the wells. Since sewage treatment plants are not ready to accept the concentrate created from the reclamation of the wells, a large number of wells do not undergo a purification procedure due to economic inefficiency. By using our biological technology we manage to eliminate the pollutants without creating a concentrate as a byproduct. We also know how to reuse the concentrate produced by the heating facilitiesPele for the purpose of environmental development and by this we generate economic viability for the restoration of a large number of water wells that are not usable today and participation in research and biological monitoring procedures to follow the start of the ecological process and its development

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