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Our unique economic model

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As part of the vision of sustainable development, we have developed economic models that enable the development and maintenance of the open spaces at no additional cost.

Maim Lateva has extensive experience in mobilizing and pooling resources for the establishment of ecological parks for our clients from the Open Areas Fund of the Israel Lands Administration, the drainage authorities and the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the National Fund for Israel, and the various regulatory authorities​

We build and maintain the water systems at our own expense in the BOT model, our projects are designed to create and supply quality water from the runoff for urban irrigation at a discounted price. The purified water is intended to revitalize the streams and lakes, irrigate the park and public gardening. Our economic model allows us to maintain the municipal park at our own expense and thus we guarantee optimal maintenance of the park without the need for an ongoing budget from the municipality

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