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A master plan and detailed plans for the execution of approximately 40 km of stream channels flowing through the territories of 6 regional and local councils. The park will create connectivity between them, the park combines ecological restoration and the revitalization of the streams, the creation of ecological parks and slopes, the creation of tourist attractions and the preservation of open spaces for the benefit of future generations. The project is planned in collaboration with the Drainage Authority, the Brenner Regional Council, the Gezer Regional Council, the Kiryat Ekron Local Council and the Mezkeret Batia Local Council, the Hebel Yavne Regional Council and the Gedera Local Council.

Nahal Ekron National Park
Planning and execution

Project type:intensive

Area:60 dunams

נחל עקרון 1.jpg
נחל עקרון 2.jpg
עקרון בית אלעזרי.jpg
עקרון בבית אלעזרי.jpg
אמפי לארועים ישוביים.jpg
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